Refurbished Hot Tubs

Shopping for a quality hot tub but on a budget?  Consider an RnR refurbished hot tub.
We offer trade-ins for customers that are upgrading. After our extensive refurb process we are able to offer these hot tubs to new customers at a substantial discount over a new hot tub.


There are enough searches for 'refurbished hot tubs' that a page dedicated to them would help get more search traffic to the website.

Like the landing pages for hot tubs and swim spas, this is information about the refurbished hot tubs overall and not about what is available.

I suggest writing about what your refurbishment process is, what warranty or guarantee is offered, what the savings are over a new hot tub and include pics and video of your refurb process.

Any refurbished hot tubs that have been added to the catalog will be linked from this page.